Privacy Policy Movey

Protecting your privacy is our top priority. This Privacy Policy explains what information Movey collects when you use Movey and how Movey handles and processes your data.
This policy is only written in English and will be used as the main source if there is any conflict in the translations.


1. Personal Information

When you sign up for or use Movey, you give us certain permission to use your personal information. This includes your username, gender, email address, day of birth, and weight, which will only be used in the App to improve the accuracy of calorie calculation and default heart rate zones.

2. Additional Data

You also need to provide us with your data about:

  • steps, pace;
  • time spent;
  • distance;
  • heart rates;
  • photo (snap);
  • location;
  • training plans – Scheduled workouts, Dates, Activities;
  • health data from third-party services (such as Google Fit). This data will only be used when access permission is provided.

Please note that only if Movey is permitted to access your location and physical movements can your activities be recorded and then rewarded in $Movey tokens.


We use the information we collect to give you the best possible experience in Movey. Movey commits to rewarding $MOVEY tokens in accordance with the effort you have put in. In order to do that, it’s necessary for us to use your data to:

provide the services;
verify your physical movements, time spent, and from that converted to $MOVEY tokens;
inform you about updates and/or changes in the App, Website, Terms of Use and/or this Privacy Policy;
receive reports about errors to fix them promptly;
detect and/or prevent suspected fraud or other illegal activities;
create Player Leaderboard, which includes all players or players that meet specific criteria;
manage Movey Marketplace effectively;
and/or respond to your questions and/or comments.

Keeping your data confidential is our responsibility. Your personal data will be stored and only used if necessary. All suspicious activities that affect your data will be prevented promptly. We will make sure that your data will be handled strictly under applicable data protection and privacy laws.


Cookies will be used to distinguish users. When you use Movey App or Website, cookies obtain certain information about your usage and behavior. This data will be used to improve our service so that you can have a better experience the next time you open the App and/or access to MOVEY website.

We will use both persistent cookies, which could be stored on your device until their expiration (up to 10 years), and session cookies - temporary data that will be removed from your device once your browser is closed.

Two major cookies will be used, which are:

  • Analytical/Tracking Cookies: allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and analyze the usage of the services, as well as verify transactions;
  • Advertising and Retargeting Cookies: allow us to generate appropriate advertising directed to you on the MOVEY Website as well as on Mobile App.


You have the rights to:

  • change personal data you have submitted;
  • ask us about the personal information that we have collected;
  • give feedback and/or comments;
  • delete your account and any personal information that we hold about you.


We reserve the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be posted on the MOVEY App and Website and may be emailed to you. Please check and update information regularly.

In the event of any change in Privacy Policy, by continuing to use MOVEY Application or Website, you agree to the relevant changes.


If you have any additional questions or concerns about this Policy or our information practices, please feel free to contact us at